PNWU Fourth-Year OMS Presents Student-Led Success Story on Energizing Students to Form a “Nexus of Interprofessional Practice and Education”

Kim Ha Wadsworth.jpgOn Friday, September 15, PNWU fourth-year OMS (osteopathic medical student) Kim Ha Wadsworth presented her student-led success story on Energizing Students to Form a 'Nexus' of Interprofessional Practice & Education in the MedEd Change Stories format, which consisted of 20-minute sessions similar to TED talks.

Through her presentation, Wadsworth provided thought-provoking, brief insights into a topic that offered an inspirational glimpse into innovations that have the potential to reshape medical education and the continuum.

“This national conference was an incredible opportunity to learn, connect and share ideas about innovative medical education concepts, models and projects over an intensive two-and-a- half days,” said Wadsworth. “With its tagline – ‘Shape the future of medical education’ -- ChangeMedEd™ 2017 brought together leaders from across the education continuum, as well as from innovative educational institutions, to continue changing the way future physicians are trained and cultivating a community of innovation to create the medical school of the future.” 

As part of the session, Wadsworth discussed important topics, including integrating health systems science, public health, ethics and health advocacy into all four years of medical school, developing innovative curriculum relevant to leadership, interprofessional collaboration, self-reflection and professionalism, utilizing effective technology to enhance learning and sharing information, and bridging the gap between UME to GME. 

“I met so many passionate medical educators (like Dr. Tao Le, famed creator of the First Aid USMLE board prep series) from medical schools and residency programs across the U.S.,” she explained enthusiastically.”

Nearly half of the allopathic medical schools were represented, as well as eight osteopathic medical schools, but Wadsworth was part of a very exclusive group. “I only saw about a dozen medical students at the conference,” she explained.

“I feel honored to represent PNWU and the YVIPEC, and grateful to participate in this inspiring conference. I certainly left Chicago with a renewed sense of purpose and creativity to be a change agent!”