PNWU Director of Security Organizes "Shreds and Meds" Event

This past Saturday, Yakima County Crime Stoppers presented a community services event, reaching out to the community for document shredding and Prescription Drug Take back services. Through the event, which is organized each year by PNWU’s Director of Security Ben Hittle, Crime Stoppers succeeded in collecting 38 bins of shred material and 3 large boxes of disposed medications, and the community generously gave $1,239.00 of donations.

Ben (aka “The Hitman”) is our outstanding leader, and helps to organize this each year and get the students involved,” said Jason Helbig, a second-year osteopathic medical student here at PNWU who took part in the Shreds and Meds event. “The event is a great way for students to volunteer, help out a great non-profit organization and to help out the local community.”

Many people within the community don’t have a shredder to properly dispose of personal information, explained Helbig. 

Through Shreds and Meds, they can be certain that their information will not fall into the wrong hands and will be properly disposed of. On a similar note, many members of the community do not know how to properly disposed of different types of medications or are worried that their old medications may fall into the wrong hands. The program allows them to bring their medications directly to DEA agents, who will properly dispose of their old meds. 

Sigma Sigma Phi helps to supply volunteers twice each year for the Shreds and Meds program. However, students don’t have to be members of Sigma Sigma Phi to volunteer. “Everyone is welcomed,” explained Helbig, who serves as Sigma Sigma Phi’s Chapter Secretary. 

“Thanks again to our PNWU volunteers that helped make this a successful community event,” said Hittle. “Crime doesn’t pay, but Crime Stoppers does.”