PNWU and YVIPEC Showcase the Power of Interprofessional Collaboration at Nexus Summit 2017

YVIPEC at Nexus 2017.jpgThis past week, Teresa Gonzalez (WSU Nursing) and Jacob Thatcher (OMS III) joined Dan Ferguson, MS, and Linda Dale, D.H.Ed., PA-C, to represent Yakima Valley nationally at the National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education’s Nexus Summit 2017, in Minneapolis, MN.

“We had a success story to share!” exclaimed Thatcher. “Interprofessional collaboration is truly the future of medicine and the remedy to alleviating the health care shortage and health care spending spree. Yakima Valley is becoming a well-known leader in interprofessional education, and we hoped to share our message and vision with the greater health professional community.”

The summit, titled “Provocative Ideas for Practical IPE,” aimed to bring together a community focused on advancing interprofessional team-based practice and education across multiple sectors within the United States. Together, participants explored emerging ideas, applied practical skills and learned from role models - with a goal of affirming and advancing the collective commitment to interprofessional approaches to practice and education.

"It was an honor to have shared some of PNWU’s great accomplishments and strides in interprofessional collaboration over the last two years in a resource exchange and poster presentation to a distinguished audience,” said Thatcher.

“What makes our program unique is that we are an inter-institutional interprofessional student-led committee that is community based and rural,” he explained. “To collaborate, we have had to overcome barriers that many large academic centers wouldn’t normally have overcome. We are the only community based student-led interprofessional committee in the country, and there were many institutions that were anxious to learn about our formula to success! We were excited to have made contacts with many different universities who are now anxious to implement a model similar to ours.” 



The Student Committee of YVIPEC has also announced that Kim Wadsworth, OMS IV, will be presenting their program in oral form at The American Medical Association’s ChangeMedED 2017 National Conference this October, set to be held in Chicago, IL.

Additionally, the Student Committee is accepting applications for student representatives from their programs. If you are interested in becoming involved in interprofessional collaboration please fill out the following jot form: