Looking Up and Saying Hello to PNWU's Newest (and Biggest) Supporter

You won’t find PNWU’s newest representative singing our praises at local events or sharing emails about all of the great things going on here at our university. Despite being a massive supporter of everything we’re doing here, our new ally won’t be in any complex lectures or taking an anatomy exam anytime soon. In fact, our newest addition won’t be spotted wandering the halls of BHH at all.  

Instead, if you want to meet our new pal, you’ll have to stop by the corner of University Parkway and Inspiration Drive, where you’ll come face-to-face with our new supporter. But I must warn you: At 10 feet tall, 35 feet wide and weighing in at over 100,000 pounds, the newest “face” of PNWU is no push over, and it won’t be making much small talk.  

"Our hope is that this sign will serve as a beacon for our community as we continue to grow into the full-fledged health sciences university of our name,” said PNWU President Dr. Keith Watson as he stood before the sign, speaking to members of the University’s board of trustees who had gathered to see the completed sign for the first time. “For years to come, those passing down University Way will be greeted by the letters PNWU, and they will serve as a statement of our commitment to serving this community for years to come.” 

Those four big, powder-coated gold letters will be framed by the flowing sheet of illuminated waterfall at the back and a garden of fresh flowers at the front. Paired with the full name of the university at its base, and the signs of our partner institutions by its side, representative of the University hope to create some buzz about the school with all who pass by. 

"I enter this university with a sense of great pride each and every day, because I am aware of all of the great things our students are accomplishing throughout the Northwest,” said Dave Warner, smiling as he looked up at the impressive structure. As PNWU’s Director of Facilities, Warner led the project from its point of inspiration to its current standing.  

“With this new sign, that feeling of pride has been brought to life,” he said. “Our community can hold their heads high as they pass by, knowing that we are committed to fulfilling our mission, and our successes have only just begun.”