AJ Lakey Awarded Zirkle Fruit Company 2017 PNWU Scholarship

Congratulations to 2017’s Zirkle Fruit Osteopathic Scholarship winner, A.J. Lakey!  Mark Zirkle, President of Zirkle Fruit Company, recently presented A.J. with his scholarship check.  A.J. was well supported by his wife Tawny and members of the PNWU Staff. The Zirkle Fruit Osteopathic Scholarship was created to assist students who are committed to providing medical services to rural communities in the Pacific Northwest, but are challenged financially to complete the four-year program at PNWU. 

“We are honored to offer financial assistance to these aspiring and dedicated young medical professionals,” said Mark Zirkle.

“There were a total of 18 applicants for our scholarship this year,” explained Fern Hart, an administrator at Zirkle Fruit Company, “and all 18 presented very thorough applications, but there was just something about A.J. that we all felt good about. He had numerous letters of recommendation and his essay was beautiful.  He's a local Selah person and we're hoping he will come back to us and practice in the rural areas of our Yakima Valley.”

“Meeting him yesterday was a pure pleasure,” Hart continued. “Even Mark [Zirkle] commented on his confidence and the ease in which he presented himself.” 

"He is a very good listener,” said Zirkle, “which is great in a family doctor. I'm very impressed with him and even more confident of our selection."