PNWU Student Jacob Thatcher Joins Idaho Osteopathic Physicians Association

PNWU OMS III Jacob Thatcher is quickly becoming a well-known name throughout the five-state PNWU region. In fact, when he walked into the Idaho Osteopathic Physicians Association (IOPA) meetings in Meridian, Idaho, and was greeted by Executive Director Suzanne Frederick at the check-in desk, the discussion almost immediately turned toward Thatcher’s ability to provide meaningful contributions in his new role as an IOPA Board member.

“More and more students are participating in our organization and it’s time to get more students on here (the board),” said Frederick. “We want to get their direction on where IOPA needs to go. Now is the time to bring the next generation of physicians into leadership roles with our group.”

Now, the hope is that Thatcher can help with outreach to not only students, but also residents and osteopathic physicians within the state of Idaho who are members or might consider becoming members of IOPA. To do so, however, he’ll need to clear some space in his typical 15-hour work day.

“That’s the problem with medical students,” joked Thatcher. “We don’t know how to say no.”

“I was honored to be invited to join,” he explained. “There are some big changes happening in Idaho, and we need changes.” 

Recently, Thatcher explained why such changes we necessary in a Northwest Osteopathic Medication Foundation blog.

Frederick also understands the need for change, and sees a lot of positive outcomes in bringing students and doctors together on a regular basis. 

“When these doctors see there is a student that wants to come back and work here they get excited and encouraged. And, I encourage students to find a physician they click with and invite them to be a mentor. That creates a relationship that can assist the student with help in being a student, a resident and eventually even in setting up a practice.”