Family Medicine Residency Fair


Regional Residency programs came to Yakima on Wednesday to take part in the Pacific Northwest University Residency Fair. The event was organized to help bring together PNWU College of Osteopathic Medicine students and a number of residency programs within the school’s service region. 

Michelle Hacker, who works as the Regional GME Liaison for PNWU and the University of Washington’s Family Medicine Residency Network, put the event together to assist students as they prepare for residencies later in their medical careers.

“I am excited we had so many programs agree to share their time and make the drive to Yakima for the benefit of our future physicians,” said Hacker. “We had an excellent turnout from both students and residency programs. I am incredibly pleased that 14 programs made the commitment to join us.”

The following programs participated by bringing physician faculty, residents, administrators and personnel to the fair:

  • Alaska Family Medicine Residency
  • Central Washington Family Medicine Residency
  • East Pierce Family Medicine Residency
  • Kadlec Family Medicine Residency
  • Northwest Washington Family Medicine Residency
  • Providence St. Peter Family Medicine Residency
  • Puyallup Tribal Health Authority Family Medicine Residency
  • Sea Mar Community Health Center Family Medicine Residency
  • Skagit Valley Family Medicine Residency
  • Skagit Valley Internal Medicine Residency
  • Sollus NW Family Medicine Residency
  • Trios Health Family Medicine Residency
  • Trios Health Internal Medicine Residency
  • University of Washington Family Medicine Residency Network.

“Our students asked a lot of questions, made some good connections and learned a lot about residency programs during this event,” said Hacker. “This will really benefit our students when it is time to apply for a residency program by learning about residency life, different learning environments and overall goals for each residency program.”

The event was well attended by students and school faculty and administrators. All attendees left with information for next year’s event, scheduled for Wednesday, February 21, 2018. If you would like more information, please contact Michelle Hacker, MS.