PNWU Move Request Procedure

To request a space for a new hire, to move existing staff from one space to another, or to request the re-organization of furniture within and existing space, please follow these procedures:

  • The Budget Director for the personnel involved, sends a move request to ude.uwnp@ecaps with the following information:

      1. Name(s) of the personnel involved in the move
      2. Space requested (room number/location of the spaces involved)
      3. New Furniture needed, if any,
      4. Furniture needing to be moved
      5. Technology needed or needing to be moved
      6. Preferred date* of move
      7. Assurance of budget available to cover move costs
  • The space committee will evaluate the request and final approval will be made by the Chief Operations Officer.
  • The Executive Assistant for the Chief Operations Officer will coordinate the move with Facilities, Technology Services, and the personnel involved.


* The university limits all moves to the end of the academic year, exceptions can be made for new hires or special circumstances.