Postdoctoral Education (GME) 


Pacific Northwest University's College of Osteopathic Medicine (PNWU-COM) actively identifies opportunities for development and expansion of graduate medical education (GME) throughout the Pacific Northwest. As a member of OPTI-West Educational Consortium, PNWU-COM works closely with affiliated residencies to provide support and assure compliance with accreditation standards. Together, PNWU-COM and OPTI-West promote learning and work environments that enhance delivery of patient care services and nurture research and scholarly activity for faculty and residents.

PNWU/FMRN Collaboration

In 2015 Pacific Northwest University and Family Medicine Residency Network (FMRN) formed a collaborative program to create osteopathic faculty development programs that would help Family Medicine Residencies within the FMRN towards osteopathic recognition and support the unified accreditation movement. As we develop osteopathic faculty development workshops, they will be listed on the page below for event information, times, dates and CME availability. 

OPP Hands-on Faculty Development Workshops

PNWU FM Residency Fair

Residency Fair, February 21, 2018

PNWU’s 2018 Residency Fair on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 is a unique opportunity to connect students and representatives from residency programs across the Pacific Northwest. Meet the regional residency program faculty, residents and administration from each program, eat snacks and mingle with leadership to learn about residency life.