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PNWU Health Blog


Life Beyond Pathology: Marfan Syndrome

This blog is about a horrible disease and an amazing family. Unfortunately, it is far too short to do justice to either.  

One winter evening while I was attending college, I found myself vigorously knocking on the door of a kind, middle-aged lady. Everybody knew her as Mrs. C, and her son Liam was one of my housemates and closest friends. Liam had Marfan syndrome, which was the reason I desperately had to wake up Mrs. C that night.  

Anxiously I knocked again.  

The door was opened by a college student living in the house. Before she even got out a greeting I said, "Liam stopped breathing. They're taking him to the emergency room." She quickly disappeared down the hall and, two minutes later, I was driving Mrs. C to the hospital.  

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