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Enjoying the Journey: How One Simple Choice Reduced My Anxiety and Brightened My Horizons

As I emerged from the campus building, a gentle breeze whisked the smell of anatomy lab from my formaldehyde-laden scrubs to my nostrils. Roughly twelve hours had passed since I had last been outside and I was drained.

I could feel the exhaustion throughout my whole being. My eyelids were heavy. My body felt weak. My brain had consumed enough information for one day. Honestly, I felt like it had consumed enough information for a year. But I didn’t have time to focus on that! I couldn’t! I had more to accomplish!

I needed to rush home, check my mail, take a speedy shower, cook a quick meal, send a couple of rapid texts to my loved ones (to reassure them that I was, indeed, still alive), prepare my lunch for the next day… the to-do list felt endless!

And what was waiting for me when I finally checked off every item? When I finished all of this juggling and rushing around?


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